Welcome to Music of Malawi

We’re here to make Malawian music known to the world, to inspire your next musical discovery and make the Warm Heart of Africa synonymous with amazing music. Take a look at the artists featured, check out news on Malawi’s music scene, watch videos and listen to recordings.

If you want to get in contact regarding artist listings, upcoming gigs, hosting your music on the site, or if you have an idea on a feature or want to contribute one, please get in touch.


7 responses to “Welcome to Music of Malawi

  1. ty its great! keep it up!

  2. Zikomo, I am glad you are doing something about the hidden African treasure – MALAWI MUSIC. I am a dedicated fan of Pax Nindi better known for his African Reggae and thought provoking lyrics in Europe, Africa and Brazil. I think he is the first artist to come to Europe and sing in Chewa and Shona as he is half Malawian and half Zimbabwean.
    As a dedicated fan I have followed his career for a decade and believe he should be part of your project despite being a Malawian based in Europe. I sent him an e-mail about your project but understand he is promoting his new album in Brazil.
    Please get him here his links are

    Mulungu akale nanu.
    Kwira from Limbe

  3. Sorry the link for Pax Nindi’s one man show “Whatever Made In Malawi” was wrong. The right website is

  4. Nicely done, indeed. However, I had hoped that my song, ‘Ufa wa Mtedza,’ and my album, ‘Nyimbo za EDZI,’ would have also been included… Cheers, –Jack–

  5. Mwapanga bwino ndithu, It´s about time we start providing real and universally accessible sources of Malawian music to meet that rising tide of interest that is undeniable following the success of the Lake of Stars venture. It is important in my opinion, to highlight the elements of Malawian music which make it unique – and I think that the secret is rooted in the endemic rhythms and musical traditions which lie buried in the towns and countryside stretched out from Nsanje to Chitipa.

    I think one of the humbling things for me when I started working on the documentary ´Deep Roots Malawi´, which should be viewable for all soon I hope (if you will excuse the self-promotion); was the sheer richness of traditions and vitality which I had never heard of growing up in Blantyre. Young musicians coming up in and around the country today need access to that, and really it´s not about any one particular person´s success or career but rather a shared consciousness that YES there is something positive and special about the music and culture of Malawi and also that WE need to spread that message around a little. Having a place where people can go on the internet to find out more, is definitely a step in the right direction.

  6. skefa

  7. wow… im so glad i found this site. hope u keep em updated

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