World’s leading AV companies present Malawi with equipment


Some of the world’s leading AV equipment companies have donated vital equipment to Lake of Stars for use in Malawi’s creative industries.

Midas, a company that had its consoles seriously tested at last year’s Lake of Stars by Malawi’s 43 degree heat and humid conditions, have donated a new console  for use at live events and to record local artists.

This also comes with speakers donated by Funktion One and an amplifier from FFA, as well as radios and earpieces from Brentwood Industries, all for use in Malawi’s event industries.

This support means there will be access all year round to equipment that can be used to enhance the production quality of events and  improve audiences’ and artists’ experience. It will also be used at the Lilongwe based Rhythm of Life recording studio.  Lake of Stars will be partnering with music charity Rhythm of Life and running training sessions for local engineers on the equipment, as well as lending the equipment for free to local events such as Blantyre Arts Festival.


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