One Love Bob Marley Tribute Festival in Lilongwe this weekend

One Love Festival

This weekend sees Lilongwe once again playing host to the One Love Bob Marley Tribute Festival, with a theme this year of Unity, taking inspiration from the lyrics of Marley’s song ZimbabweWe come together to overcome the little trouble/to divide and rule could only tear us apart.

Hosted by Sally Nyundo and taking place at various venues across the city, One Love is a celebration of the music and life of Bob Marley, running from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 May. The legacy of Marley has inspired many Malawians and Malawian musicians, and it is this legacy that inspired the first One Love concert at Chameleon Bar in 2006. The concert then grew into a two day event in 2012, and this year into a four day festival.

Visit the Facebook event page here or below watch Bob Marley performing Zimbabwe at Zimbabwe’s liberation ceremonies in 1980, where it is said the first words officially spoken in the new nation were “Ladies and gentlemen, Bob Marley and the Wailers”.


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