Malawi Mouse Boys’ US tour featured in Washington Times


Following their sold-out tour in the United States, the Malawi Mouse Boys have been featured in The Washington Times.

“We have wanted to play in the United States since we were 12, and we thank God and we thank [Mr. Brennan our manager] for bringing us here. We can’t believe we are here, and even our parents can’t believe we are here,” said Joseph, one of the musicians. “Our music is not a joke and it is not just something for us to do. We have always played music. Sometimes we thank God for giving us this music that comes from within us.”

“People talk about good music and bad music. For me, even though all music is meaningful to someone, the ‘dividing line’ is truth music that is truly genuine and can generate emotion,” said Grammy-winning producer Ian Brennan, the group’s manager. “The Malawi Mouse Boys grew up as almost brothers. Their bond is similar to that of the Jackson 5 or the Carter Family. That is what makes their music so genuine, so truthful.”

The Malawi Mouse Boys’ sophomore album Dirt Is Good, released this year, is available on iTunes and Amazon.


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