patternMusic of Malawi is brought to you by the people behind Lake of Stars, who host events around the world and run a festival on the shores of Lake Malawi. Lake of Stars works in the fields of arts, tourism and development to provide entertainment whilst developing people and places.

Music of Malawi reinforce those objectives by providing the connection between local musicians and an international audience searching for music from the farthest-flung places. We celebrate the country’s often overlooked musical heritage and at the same time support the many artists forging a new identity for Malawian music. We want to inspire your next musical discovery and make the Warm Heart of Africa synonymous with amazing music.


If you want to get in contact regarding artist listings, upcoming gigs, hosting your music on the site, or if you have an idea on a feature or want to contribute one, please email joe@lakeofstars.org


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  1. You need to have Young Kay on this as far as now goes he is number one, you can’t talk urban music in Malawi and skip his name. Barry One also needs to be up on this, Dare Devils, Goodson Gomonda has also been influential to Malawi music and most probably considered a legend, Overton Chimombo, The Basement, Mahara, Tiwonge Mhango, Lucius Banda

  2. How can you talk about malawian music and not include the duo SELAH, http://www.myspace.com/selahmusik, they are the best on any given level as far as malawian talent is concerned. And then there is also http://www.myspace.com/yesayamusic. check them out and tell me what you think. Simply Amazing!!!


  3. I agree but as an oldman of the new generation Malawians, I want to nominate 2 real legends of arts and crossover music. One is based abroad and one in Malawi and they are the artists young Malawians should aspire to;
    In Malawi – Lucius Banda website: http://www.spock.com/Lucius-Banda
    Internationally – Pax Nindi aka Harare Dread website: http://www.hararedread.net

    Thanks Chitete
    New York Youth Music

  4. it is actually fun to be on music festivals because i love music so much “”

  5. Lucius Banda should be on this list – legendary music and a legendary man.

  6. Yes, Lucius Banda should be on this list – too.
    And what about Ben Michael?
    Greets from Germany

  7. Your history should mention Jack Allison a Peace Corps volunteer in the late 60’s who wrote and recorded, with the Jazz Giants, songs like Ufa wa mtedza which promoted child nutrition. He was one of the most popular recording artists in Malawi for several years.

  8. Hey webmaster! thanks for the info!

  9. If you are also interested in up and coming Malawian artists, not necessarily famous, but still talented then I think you should consider looking at “Tha OneShot Shogan.” Here are the links you can access his music from or contact him: http://www.reverbnation.com/shogan http://www.facebook.com/oneshotshogan & http://www.twitter.com/oneshotshogan. Otherwise I think this site is great for Malawian music. Good job.

  10. Hey Guys have a listen to my music at http://www.facebook.com/HazelMakMusic Iam an up and coming singer/songwriter.Please feel free to leave comments, thank you.

  11. I recomend Khama Kandiado she is upcoming gospel music and her music is doing really good

  12. You should feature Nat Powers, he’s half Malawian and has worked with Dr Dre’s people and Run DMC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. does anybody have Tigres contacts, need to do her show in Cape Town.

  14. How do we upload music to this site?

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