Third Eye

Third Eye

Rapper Third Eye, real name Mandela Mwanza, is a hip hop artist dropped out halfway through his philosophy degree at Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, to concentrate fully on his music career.

He returned to Malawi in 2006 and proceeded to release a string of great hip hop albums: Imagine Being Jesus and Not Knowing It, Taking Kandy From a Blind Baby, The Hat-TrickBroken Verse and his first Chichewa album Kumidima in 2011. Third Eye is now currently based in Johannesburg where he records and runs his Soul Rebel Entertainment label.



19 responses to “Third Eye

  1. tiight! keep on bro.

  2. Ur the bst man,i cant even express ma self ön hw i fil u n ur beats 3rd eye.hop 2 knw u more…gd luk!

  3. U lead in the HIP HOPE,ur the best eva.They couldnt dream u up in their DeeP sleep,ur so Deep in aziz u write in DeeP,the question iz how?Men ur the best,continue!

  4. Am into hip hop culture n i consider u as numbr 1 in da game

  5. In any which way…Star you are the apple of my 3rd aye.


  7. I’m much into local Hip-hop. I don’t know if on the local scene there’s someone whom we can compare with you. You are DEEP in the lyrics & Keep on getting DEEPER into the beat. Gud luck….

  8. And then they all rise,third eye the 1 who left home without a single gud bye..u cant recognise a prophet coz he is 1 of your own

  9. Keep up former collegemate….Where can i get the videos u did esp. when in college?

  10. Umandiwaza

  11. King of rap world wide if u were in USA u would rule pleaz keep on entertaining me u tha man lets JUMP while we shine wit ME AND MY GIRLFRIEND.

  12. oooooooh!3rd eye muzk moves me so mch.m hs fun

  13. u the best. u tok of hiphop. malqwi’s and qfrika’s namba one…deep az we go,we make dip nation.SO KINDA DEEP

  14. 3rd eye ur the rear ting of hip hop ngakhale enawa amazigunda pamtima but amaziwa kut iwe ndimkhani ina

  15. lyk ya men

  16. Where can I buy your music here in Lilongwe? I have watched you once at Chameleon when you shared the stage with Sally and I liked your music so much, but the unfortunate bit is that I have never seen your music CDs anywhere, please let me know where I can get them.


    sky z the limit madala. uman
    ditenga ntima

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