Sopani Armstrong Kalua, better known by his stage name Armstrong, is an Afro-pop/R&B singer signed to Nde’feyo Entertainment. He was born 1991 in Blantyre and grew up in the townships of Chilomoni and Chilobwe.

He started his career on a gospel note as a dancer with God Soldiers Dancing Group (G-Soldiers) and won the Sprite Dancing Competition in 2006. Armstrong discovered his rap talent in 2008 and joined a gospel group called BBM Clique (Blessed Beyond Measure). They released a couple of famous tracks like By my side and Random Thoughts, before Armstrong went at it solo and starting work on an unreleased secular hip-hop mixtape called Beyond Limits.

Armstrong then switched to singing in 2010. In 2011, before he was signed to Nde’feyo Entertainment, he released his first two singles: Beautiful feat. Young Kay and Without Your Love, both of which feature on his 2012 mixtape BrB. His debut album Ndele was released later the same year.

Armstrong has worked with everyone on the Malawian urban music scene, including Afro-R&B/Pop singers Maskal and Tigris, hip-hop giants BarryOne, Cyclone, Rina and Isu as well as dancehall maestro Blasto.



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