Blantyre based hip-hop artist Barry1 has had his name on the scene for a very long time, and is still being recognized as one of the best rappers out there. Most know him from the collaborations he has had with some of the local artists; his raps and wordplay have evolved from the 90’s till now and he is still flexible and able to fit in as far as change and diversity is concerned. Barry1’s first release was Tionana in 2007, and had Dynamike as a lead producer. Collaborating artists on the album were Dynamike, Qoedesh, The Basement, Khama from Christ Melodies, Wes P, Miyanda and Simalike. Unfortunately, this album was never distributed, and it has taken BarryOne 3 more years to go back in the studio and cook some beats. In April 2011 he finally released Legendary, his first album proper, an album full of star producers and collaborations, and a record that puts him deservedly at the top of his game.



5 responses to “Barry1

  1. Kaya winawe U call yo-self a rapper,muziwona a china Barry ndi akhaza whn we come this kind music….!!!

  2. Iwe ndi munthu wamkulu

  3. í had share a micro phone whth killar prierst but ones i lisen ur songs on u-tube i feel it (du in cape town)

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