Otis ‘Blasto’ Chilamba is a reggae dancehall artist who stands by his mantra of “creating music with a purpose.” He uses music to express joy, happiness and real life situations to the people. He believes that “music is the only thing that can express the inexpressible.



39 responses to “Blasto

  1. Sergius Tha Mastavilla

    Big up 2 tha king Blasto Imva!!!

  2. Blasto, malawi’s king of dancehall. U gt tha skill, i cnt wait to c u on stage. Tkng dancehall muzik to anaza level. U ran di streets !!! No doubt 1 day u gana kill it at sumfest in JA

  3. Blasto is probably the only Best Dancehall Artist and Performer malawi has, Can wait to see you show and prove! IMVA! Loving every vibe you do drop… Lake of Stars aint ready for this… Raaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  4. Imva! U da best and real dancehall deejay in Malawi. Lake of stars witness wat real dancehall muzic is lyk now! Fya will blaze! Imva! Kaboom!

  5. Everyting tun up! Take Charge bredren… we know you di best pon there.. IMVA!!

  6. No one cyaan compete… Bredren you rock the nation pon dancehall. Fireworks at lake of stars indeed! Super… SMILE

  7. is defntly in the world’s top 100 dancehall artists

  8. mi just seh big up imva………….

  9. Respect 2 di bway! Mi fil

  10. Layvee Di Blak Spot

    Mi afi tel ya seh ya musik z dope..imva!but try 2 work wit oerder malawians

  11. love blasto

  12. Blasto yo da 1 put da fire burning Imvaa!!

  13. Ndimakufiira to de fullest,Blasto pitiliza kundimvetsa kukomo “Jah nuh sleep” IMVA!!!

  14. Blasto yuh de star bwoy

  15. ayahman!mi nah knw wah dem pupaz dem seh fibot unno trks,bot i do luv dem,dweet olipah gud stff dat we cn continue feelin u dada,ya zimme…!

  16. Blasto, We feel u
    Blasto blaza, hopin 2 see u jhb.

  17. All the way to the top

  18. Charles chimbekeya

    I didnt know we have talent like this and u re relly great. I have just watched u Live today on mbc tv and it was for the first time but truly i coudnt believe that u ar a son of Malawi. Am short of words indeed and keep it up man.

  19. This is good Dancehall,keep it up Blasto!!
    But wy did you remove the Vedeo?? Timafuna tionetse azathu mpaka tayaluka osaiwonaso Video imeneyi
    Anyway all the best Blasto!

  20. Men this guy rock

  21. Das w@ up malawi repr

  22. This is watsup. You rock buddy

  23. Panyapako Blasto!!! Why did you take this video of ‘Ma buznes’?? Bombacrate!!!!

  24. Ndakwiyanawe kwambiri ndipo wandichititsa manyazi,i suposed to show my friends here in Germany… Ndipo ndangowauza kuti ‘Blasto ngwausilu sangachotse nyimbo yomwe ndimaikona!!’ Gad dem pup tha back ma Buznes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. i like u music,u the best dancehall artist who is carryin malawian flag..hope 1 day u wil do it in jamaica..
    mi luv u…

  26. blasto ndi wachikulire

  27. blasto amatha

  28. Bro u know how to do it, kp it up. When i play ur music every one here (oudtshoorn/SA) likes it. Osasitha level blo go high

  29. Razaque juma aka daff

    Afana muli bho.

  30. hardzoo a.k.a tilinka

    wir proud ov u

  31. “BLASTO”nah frend ‘IMVA’ continu c ur talent iddnt knw dat w’ve best dancehall singaz. wagwan badman ‘imvaaaa!’


  33. blasto de master. Inva loud and clear

  34. IMVAAA !!!!!!!!!! ua the best man,taking dancehall to another level, bro u rock

  35. just the talent MW needs! All the best in ur career man! *thumbs up*

  36. Mihdney Mpungankhungu

    kind imva,am always with u

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