DJ Sonye

Urban musician, DJ, producer and co-owner of Baseline Studios, Sonyezo Kadonje is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the Malawian music landscape. The recent release of his debut album Break Point sees an artist delving into a music genre he likes to call urban funk, which fuses urban and Afro elements to create a sound he believes “everyone can understand and vibe to.”




11 responses to “Sonye


    The very best of contemporary artist.

  2. To be frank,sonye u move every bone of my an urban rnb/soul artist trying to cave a niche for my self in the malawian music industry but u r just one artist who makes me stop and say “i have to do better” u know am always like “is this dude real or its just a dream!”.i wish i could get the chance of working with u,not to compete with u but learn alot from u.where ever you are,whatever u do, just know that u r the best!!!!

  3. Umayitha mphwanga.Hop next yr ukaimba ku Big brother

  4. Sonye is the best 4lil

  5. Sonye u da best!!nev gt enough v ur trax wish ah cud av th disc 2 mah self

  6. Sonye you are the best,Hope you keep singing

  7. u r th best dude, bt i wonder y its had 2 hav ur abam, only singoz, its lyk u r hiding ur talent dude

  8. Snd me sng trck cald kusakasa ndalamb

  9. Ur musik is somethn else.infact u r genius.keep it up!

  10. Mmmmm!!!! Dj Sonye is moooooooore

  11. Sonye ndili ndi single ndie ndimafuna ndidziwe komwe ili base studio.ili kuti?

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