Joseph Tembo

Joseph Tembo

Joseph Tembo is one of the most talented young guitar wizards Malawi has ever produced. Througout his career he has collaborated with Sally Nyundo, Lucius Banda, Mlaka Maliro and many other Malawian artists. He has produced and promoted many upcoming artists including Andrew Matrauza, who shot to stardom with the song Musadabwe. Joseph’s style of music resembles Zimbabwean mbira music as he is a Sena, a southern Malawian tribe that has a common ancestry.

Joseph Tembo is famous for his songs Dimingu, We are the Champion, Mbudye, and Samalila.


5 responses to “Joseph Tembo

  1. Any idea how i can contact Joseph Tembo?? My name is Sukhi Sohal he used to be my music teacher when i was studying at Central High Secondary….and i’d like to get him and his band to play at my wedding next year….so if anyone has any news could you please let me know….Thanks

  2. Doubt nziradzepatsva

    U a th best, m lookin for your cds wer can i get them? Pliz

  3. Chipo na chipo leca dwala ntchitchi, thangwe una uma!

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