Kimba Mutanda

Kimba Mutanda

‘Moto-moto! Fire-Fire!’

He was christened K.i’m.B.A : ‘Knowing I’m Born Able’. He comes from a multi-cultural, bilingual background. When exactly music chose him as a spokesperson is unclear. Was it the passion of his brother Danny that first put him in touch with how melody, rhythm and lyrics can move the spirit? How did he end up as a lead singer of his high school rock band? We know for a fact his first recordings were done with the inspirational Malawian group Real Elements and that he is now in Subsource. Despite spending most of his life on the African continent it is difficult to decipher wether he is Malawian, Zambian, Kenyan, Danish, Brazilian, South African or British. Is he an MC or a singer? Like all of us on this planet, he’s just trying to use what comes his way to get by.


One response to “Kimba Mutanda

  1. Une musique vraiment sympa que vous nous faites partager, j’adore, de quoi me mettre de bonne humeur en cette belle journée !

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