A mutual desire to play and preserve traditional Malawian music led to Mafilika’s formation in 2007.  Based in Lilongwe, the different backgrounds and cultural roots of Mafilika’s members inspired the band’s musical style, which fuses rock with roots and jazz with alternative.

Mafilika have participated in the Music Crossroads Inter-Regional Finals held in Lilongwe, Malawi. They have toured the Netherlands and Mozambique, performing at the Independence Music Festival in Maputo.

Locally Mafilika has worked with organizations such as UNICEF, PSI and Plan International as entertainment group during the organisations’ nationwide tours.



3 responses to “Mafilika

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  2. my dad manages mafilika

  3. I’ve seen Mafilika playing in Brussels in 2010 and met the musicians. Their music is fresh, exciting and as nice as the character of those musicians. It’s a honor to have seen them live. Hope I can see them again someday.

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