Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa

Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa

Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa is a poet from Chancellor College with a powerful and mesmerising voice. He has performed his poetry at the Crossing Borders festival in Uganda and the Arts Alive Festival in Johannesburg, and recorded a poetry collection. He has developed a unique poetic voice that works as a tool for social change.

He began writing at 7 year old, taking it further as a teenager in secondary school. This culminated in Nthiwatiwa receiving a National Schools’ Poetry Award organised by Jhango-Heinnemann Publishers in 1999. He was also crowned poet of the year in 2003 and 2004 at Chancellor College, the main constituent of the University of Malawi at which he was a student.

Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa also directed Chiphwelemwe (grand festival), a travelling outfit involved in combining poetry with dramatisation and choreography within the duration of a poem. He writes plays and short stories, with his work appearing in national Malawi newspapers.



5 responses to “Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa

  1. Kennedy Wa Poetry Kaula

    Nyamalikiti is a very good poet, both when writing in Chichewa and in English. I like him and he is my role model. I just want to link with him properly.

  2. emmanuel chimbali

    he is so good- i call him the heavy weight of poetry

    • Yes,Nyamalikiti is one of the great poets who have given Malawi poetry a shape and a direction,I respect him the same way I respect the great poets before him in the likes of Gospel Kazako and Benedicto Malunga.May God grant him more wisdom to usher more dishes of that precious gift,I salute you Chisomo.

  3. He z a vry gud poet. i need hs poems. Where can I downlod dem?

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