Peter Mawanga

Peter Mawanga

Afrovibe artist Peter Mawanga fuses traditional African rhythms, composition and vocal arrangements with modern instrumentation. His music is simultaneously inspirational, introspective, spiritual and socially conscious.

Peter remains integral to the Malawi music scene and his poignant songs with strong messages mark Peter’s as a voice of the underprivileged. Singing in both his mother tongue and more widely spoken languages makes his music globally recognized yet intrinsically Malawian. As a result, he has been able to perform at live music venues across the world.

In recent years, Peter has expanded his sound as Peter Mawanga and the Amaravi Movement. Incorporating Malawian instrumentation, jazz guitar, marimba rhythms and singing in Chichewa, Peter is able to speak both musically and lyrically directly to Malawi. In 2008, Rhythm of Life signed Peter as the first artist on their new record label.


6 responses to “Peter Mawanga

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  2. Emmanuel Aidan Chimata

    This is good staff Peter. Keep it up and don’t ever look back.

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  4. misheck marvel sinoia

    we miiss you peter in rimuka kadoma ccap

  5. now thats what we call music 😀

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