Profile by Phyzix:

Greetings from tha dusty domains of 25 in Malawi, Africa! I go by Phyzix coz I lyrically unify Energy and Matter. Jack Tradez coz am the epitome of Man’s infinite potential and Lone Ranger coz I Roll all by ma lonely. Am an emcee from tha warm heart of Africa; Malawi. I work with Kond-1(Producer) and Zinjathropus (rapper) together we are an Emceez/Producer JMT type-o- trio called Bizness/Taya Fittaz! I been on the local underground scene since 2001. Then I slowly pernetrated the local mainstream with my first mixtape: The Overdue (2006) which had my hit single Cholapitsa. Then in 2007 I offered another mixtape; Black Starz Don’ Shyne. And in 2008 I have released another mixtape; From the Dust which paving way for my debut album in 2009; The Lone Ranger. Am under Dusty Soundz Recordz! I exist for the love of Music and meeting new people, hit me! Peace and Love in an African way!



6 responses to “Phyzix

  1. umayitha your my best one

  2. Phyzix chlpoo!

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