Sally Nyundo

Sally Nyundo

Sally Nyundo was born Bernard Sally Nyundo on 7th October 1976. He started out in 1994 with Imagez Band. He’s recorded great songs like Chule Chule, Namwali, and Kukuchedwa Kucha to mention a few. His music career gained recognition in 2000 when he joined the House Of Lions which won the first Malawian Music Award ‘Malawi Gin Music Trophy’. Later in the same year he recorded his first solo album NYIMBO of which one of the songs, Rasi Amadya Nzimbe (Rastas Eat Sugarcane), became a national anthem and a positive boon for the Rasta community. It was also voted the Best Video by the first Television Malawi music video show.

His music is timeless and has led to Sally’s recognition as one of Malawi’s best reggae artists. Sally has worked with a lot of musicians and groups, both local and international. He’s performed with Ibo Cooper (former keyboardist of Third World), Tiken Jah Fakoly from Côte d’Ivoire and Israel Vibrations from Jamaica to name a few . Locally he has played with artists Evison Matafale, San B, Ben Michael and Black Missionaries.

Sally continues to grow as a great reggae artist Malawi is proud of. His live performances have massive vibrancy and his rapport with fans leaves everybody asking for more while the message in the music has won the hearts of many. Sally is a skilled musician who plays guitar, keyboard and drums. As an all round artist he is also an accomplished actor. When not making music he paints, designs clothes, accessories (like his famous hats!) and even has a keen eye for interior decorating. Sally is conscious, humble and patient with his career. As a musician he has a true and deep passion for playing Reggae music.

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8 responses to “Sally Nyundo

  1. Pls supply Sally’s contact details, great fan in RSA Month Faya Rasta

  2. keep de fire burn ma broh….

  3. I like the muzik, its great. keep it up

  4. i like the music, its great

  5. Man, u r gifted with talents. Keep burning! We luv u!

  6. Inu nde oyimbadi zeni zeni

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