Skeffa Chimoto

Skeffa Chimoto

Skeffa ‘The Jamming Machine’ Chimoto is a popular Malawian musician and a member of the Real Sounds band. His sophomore album Nabola Moyo topped music charts all over Malawi.

He also guested on last year’s incredible One Day by Zambian artist Dalisoul, check it out below.


62 responses to “Skeffa Chimoto

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  2. Am a Zambian… I’ve listened 2 Skeffa’s muzik, he’s a gud musician. Skeffa U r lyrically fit n’ wud lyk U 2 kno tht U’ve fans in Zambia.

  3. well u are awesome

    • i love him too especially that he mentions my name in most of his songs..hehehehe…nice one mr chimoto…God bless

  4. Racheal Chirwa from Zambia

    Skeffa,ur truly awesome nd one of my best malawian artist. Come nd do shows here in zambia coz yo music is loved by many.God bless!

  5. Skeffa is doing malawi music proud!!!

  6. ur songs are amazing.

  7. rex from zambia

    you are one of the very best musiciams sikefa

  8. I like u music skeffa cont it.

  9. Listened to your music on a bus from Lusaka to Lilongwe, both to and fro and immediately fell in luv with your type of music. Trying to resist the temptation of buying a pirate copy from intercity bus terminus, were can i get authenitic copies online?

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  11. i love your music.i wish u could come to tired of our music that glorify women and insults instead of jehovah and real issues.may jehovah bless you all the time

  12. Skeffa,,
    Your songs touch my heart to the level of shadding tear!! I love your music soo much and you are loved by my entire family.
    Jehovah bless you!!

  13. i love to listern to skeffa’s music .it really makes my day .what a beautiful talent you have skeffa.i thank god that we have voices like yours to listern to .your music has great meaning through and through.God bless you and Thandie your beautiful wife and not forgetting your handsome boy Mwai.

  14. i enjoy listening to skeffa’s music .

  15. Skeffa is just a marvel to watch and listen to. Ndikonda kwambiri maimbidwe ake. I like his music so much. Be ready.


    1skeffa chimoto idont knw wat igona do wit yo musc may hevenly father contnue givn u wisdom 4boostng up may Godbless we lov u the whole family!!

  17. Kodi pazakhalaso nyimbo yoposa nabola moyo.

  18. Alinafe kasamila

    Keep the fire burning in 2013.ilike ur songs

  19. skeffa i dnt know wat to say, bcoz your music really touches my hear especially that song ulendo. may God bles u more

  20. michael banda

    your music is so educative i wish zambian musicians can learn from u skeffa

  21. Mwana wakwitu skeffa.1zambia 1malawi

  22. your music is so nice skeffa, when are you having a show in lusaka zambia, actually in kabwata?

  23. Awisi tikuthokhoza kwambiri kuti tikutengeramo ma punziro mu nyimbo zanu. Continue with same spirit ll oways look foward to new albums .Jehovah’s blessings on you


    I like Skefa the way he performs his songs and indeed it shows what is happening in a real life.His attire and gestures could be one of them that shows his suitability to perform songs as they agree with the mood of the songs.

  25. Ndine wakumozambique ndakhala nikumanvera nhimbo zano, zaka zitato zapitazo, nhimbo zanu zimandissangalassa kwambiri, oti ndikamanvera atho amandifunsa kuti ndino muinbi wakti,zinateka muziinba dichizungo,

  26. Kwatho ndi kumozambique beira nhimbo zanu zimandissangalasa kwambiri, chauta akudalisseni

  27. Ilove him through the song of encouragement like Alimbaliyanga may God of wisdom give him more visions.

  28. lott molich gamah

    u r my favourate artist in malawi.kip it up.

  29. Amwene skeffa mumatha and in malawi u a one of the best musian.Go a head producing awesome music.


  31. Am Shida from Malawi,Nkhotakota ,i love skeffa’s music & the way he is singing.All things that singing is was happed,is happen, is happening will happen,may GOD BLESS HIM ALL THE TIME

  32. I like this song called Chinamuluma ndi chakuda kip the fire burning.God bless u n with your team

  33. timakunyadilani Mr chimoto nice songs.

  34. Palibenso wopikisana naye. skefa ndi more!

  35. Skeffa umatha kuimba kwambiri

  36. Mihdney Mpungankhungu

    Ndafilani Mr S. Chimoto with dalitsani okondedwa 2013

  37. Keep it up Skeffa you rock


    NYIMBO izi dzimandikhuza kwambiri,dalitsani wokondedwa wanga & ndilandileni.ambuye akutsongolereni.

  39. chinamuluma chakudya album lunch in zambia pls we r waiting.we r listening to this 4 songs their hits i teo u nilandilen ” tizakulandilani ku zambia

  40. I like dis guy he knows how 2 impress his fans keep it up bra!

  41. True skefa is skefa

  42. All your songs are historical and inspires me greately.keep your tune higher across the blue sky.

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  44. Am a malawian,always I feel touched with your music.every song has got meaning mostly love sing what is happening in this world.keep it up,may God keep on putting benson upon you.

  45. I love your are a love adviser.I feel touched with any song you sing.may God keep on blessing your skill.keep it up

  46. ur songs z best kip on burning fire am proud of u.

  47. Adolo mulandile ulemu okwanila,uthenga suchepa akumva amamva osamva ndiosamva.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Stay blessed all the time…thanks.

  48. Anthony saikondeh

    Muli bo askefa timakunyadilani

  49. Mukuimbabwino moti akulakulu enamukuwaposa.

  50. I love your strong messages mr–nothing match–stay blessed all the time.

  51. skeffa yo realy a gift frm god i luv yo music n jst frm listening to yo nice abulm:ndife amodzi.

  52. dont stop u r bless brother ur song iz totally sound fantastic keep on sing’ and sung

  53. skeffa dont stop u r bless brother ur song iz totally sound fantastic keep on sing’ and sung.

  54. I thank Malawians for great suport towards Malawian music

  55. ilike this musician too mucha

  56. Skeffer ndimaku3rn man keep it up

  57. I patrick i do really like u skeffa bcos of ur interigents songs, when m listening to ur songs i get something advisation to my life according to my cuilture including my spiricial life as m a chrician. keep t up n i will contiinue loving u n ur songs skeffa

  58. am proud ov u skeffa even my fiance laika likes ur music especialy thandi.

  59. Mukumbi Mulweyi

    Brathaman,im in zambia,i really enjoy your musik.thanx for the talent.may JAH keep on blessing thee.

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