Tiwonge Hango


Young as he is, Tiwonge Hango has shown Malawi there could be music that is both unique, tilting on African beat, and that sings of hope, unity and love.

Among local music enthusiasts, Tiwonge is remembered as the young boy at the helm of Tikhu Vibrations – one of the earliest groups to become Music Crossroads Southern Africa Kings.

Tikhu (a portmanteau of Tiwonge and Khumbo) was a family band. They stepped out of Malawi’s northern provinces with an explosive mix of traditional Malawi sounds and gospel rhythms. Their live performances captured audiences, with entertaining dance routines and one-of-a-kind costume changes, and a unique blend of traditional and modern instruments accompanied by rhythms and vocals both African and Western varieties.



4 responses to “Tiwonge Hango

  1. Evanson sambala

    great stuff- proud of malawi

  2. kenneth chawinga

    Man you can do it…….. Just keep the fire burning for Malawi-Africa, we love your muzik out here.

  3. Purely African beat. Show the world what Malawi has. Respect…

  4. beautiful sound

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