Waliko Makhala


Waliko Makhala is one of Malawi’s homegrown traditional musicians, who plays self-taught Malawian instruments such as the Bangwe, Sansi, Kaligo and Mkangala with much skill.

Makhala, who originates from Mzimba, trained at the Zimbabwe College of Music. He spent much of his time comparing the music of the Malawian Sela people and Zimbabwean Manyika people who both use the Kalimba, also known as the Mbira in Zimbabwe.

He is now the Chief Producer for TV Malawi, Malawi’s national television broadcaster. In this role, he schedules air-play and archives material for TV Malawi programs and produces Zakwathu, a popular series exploring the cultural heritage of Malawi.

Before joining TV Malawi, Waliko worked as a professional ethnomusicologist for the Malawian Department of Cultural Affairs from 1986-1999 . He is a staple of Blantyre’s live music scene, with a devotion to the preservation of Malawian cultural heritage.


2 responses to “Waliko Makhala

  1. Baba mukagwiritse ntchito guitar yanga sichoncho

  2. what more mtukukunzi ,mazibaba and alic macheso real mbira music? mulume udoti nyepera chi?

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