Young Kay

Young Kay

Francis Kaphuka, better known as Young Kay, is an urban artist who has made his name as one of Malawi’s best lyricists. He has twice been voted as Malawi’s best rapper by listeners of Joy FM, solidifying his status on the Malawian hip hop scene.

Young Kay believes that for Malawian music to have an identity the key is to fuse the traditional with contemporary genres: “We can not do songs exactly like our predecessors like Gidesi Chalamanda or Daniel Kachamba used to do, however we can learn from the past and fuse with other elements to come [up] with a Malawi music brand.”

His 2009 debut album First Impressions showcased his ability to mix Chichewa and English. His second album CelebRated dropped mid 2012 and again cemented his name firmly in Malawi’s urban scene.



35 responses to “Young Kay

  1. Young kay, you are a great artist. We both love your exceptional skills in mixing Chichewa and English and all that coming out incredibly audible! Keep it up and we wish you greater successes in life.

  2. Young kay,i enjoy your music and i am wishing you all the best!

  3. I’m wishing u a long life,just focus on your thing so glad when im listling our songs,ur jst a simple guy with talent kip it burning boy.

  4. u r great nigga kip t up

  5. ndi nyatwa

  6. Yung k i lyk u boy continue i wish u feature ma track @ the end of year 0 the best its francis da upcoming malawian rnb *

  7. Young kay i lurv ur muzick, u da best

  8. I wud lyk 2 dwnlod ur musc bt i dnt knw website pls tel me

  9. Young Kay u r gret man kip it up am proud of boy

  10. Man many/more comments from pple I hop u knw who u r BIG-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. man timakunyadirani we wish u da very bright future kip it up,we nid u u r da best.

  12. If we talk hip-hop in Malawi, we talk Young-Kay. Keep it up.

  13. You are just a lame ass rapper!nigger you can’t even rap..that just prove that Malawians doesn’t know what hip hop really is!! THIS IS A FACT……………….my opinion is fact,yours is highly debatable!!!

    NB: there aint no hatred involved..

  14. Umaitha iweo kay koma tipase website yako tizidownloder

  15. Young kay kip hip hop fire burning. Ndinayamba kukonda hip-hop chifukwa cha inuyo man

  16. marcus diggy chipmunk kalonda wa young kay

    u kil ti young kay u rthe best for the bestest

  17. U so hottie en u rock

  18. Santu machonjo 4rm machinga malundani

    Young k !!!!! U r de best.more fire!!! Ndikugulirani [shoes] superga

  19. Santu machonjo 4rm machinga malundani

    Young kay!!!! Kip it up u r de best.more fire more burning fire fire hiphop

  20. young kay umakwana
    no 1 lyk you ur de best

  21. man.mumatha not pedengu ndi a chimbano.bro come here cape town

  22. young kay ure the best among the list,keepit rocking we love u &Were behind ureback

  23. Abwana ndmakunyadlan mumandmenyera mabeats abwno kp t up.I
    bliv Malawi z hiphop

  24. james mwafulirwa

    keep it up kay,,umayitha!

  25. U ma best rapper! I lyk ur accent n u the best man u do it big! Continue

  26. Matthews Chipiliro Alifinali

    U rock Young Kay

  27. Young kay does it better

  28. U r the best

  29. James gaspar kuse

    Young Kay u r ma men whole M-Dubz, u rlly kip M-Dubz hiphop in ur handz, so kip it up.

  30. #Young kay,your da best my nikka

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